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Smart projects for the Raspberry Pi Zero

Cleaning up the speech-command dataset

Cleaning the SpeechCommand dataset

Simple Audio Recognition The Tensorflow Simple Audio Recognition tutorial is a great way to get started with machine learning. It uses the Speech Command Dataset to detect spoken occurrences of different keywords. With an accuracy of 85 to 90%, it’s pretty good but I want to take it a step further. The first step was…
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Project ideas for audio machine learning

10 project ideas for audio machine learning

Add a microphone hat to your Raspberry Pi and make some cool audio detection based projects. We assembled some ideas for projects if you want to dive into audio machine learning.   1. Ninja robot vacuum cleaner Give your robot vacuum cleaner ninja-like stealth abilities. It could listen for human activity, like voice and footsteps…
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The hidden value of audio data

Use machine learning to uncover the hidden value of audio data

A hidden treasure: Audio is one of the five human senses and carries surprisingly much information. Close your eyes and listen to some sounds nearby. Chances are you can get a pretty good overview of what’s going on around you. You can hear cars passing by and count them. You can estimate how fast they…
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Wake-word on Pi Zero

Wake word detection on the Raspberry Pi Zero

Why do we need wake word detection? Wake-word or hot-word detection is an important part of a digital voice interface for two reasons. Transcribing speech to text is a hard task. Usually, voice data is sent to a powerful server which does the transcription. Nobody wants their end device to stream nonstop every sample captured…
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