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Machine learning on edge devices

Machine learning on Embedded Systems

Leaving the baby shoes When we think of machine learning people often have gigantic models on cloud servers in their mind. But with ongoing improvements more and more applications become possible at the edge and here efficiency is king. Many methods have been suggested for making neural networks more efficient. Some of them are on…
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Voice as an Interface

Using voice as an interface has been terrible in the past, and felt more like a gamble than accurate control. But with recent improvements in speech recognition and natural language understanding, smart assistants conquered our homes. But can a voice interface actually be useful and more than just a fun toy to show off? Why…
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The hidden value of audio data

Use machine learning to uncover the hidden value of audio data

Audio contains lots of valuable data Audio is one of the five human senses and carries surprisingly much information. Close your eyes and listen to some sounds nearby. Chances are you can get a pretty good overview of what’s going on around you. You can hear cars passing by and count them. You can estimate…
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Wake-word on Pi Zero

Why do I need wake-word detection

The wake-word is a gateway to your Speech Interface The use of a wake-word or hot-word in a digital voice interface serves two important purposes. First, it helps to limit the amount of audio that needs to be processed for speech recognition. This is important because transcribing speech to text can be a challenging task,…
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