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The Zenbu-pHat brings high quality audio to your Raspberry Pi. Two high quality mems microphones and a powerful 3 Watt amplifier give you the power to bring your application to reality.


Bottom-Port stereo microphones

Two mems microphones give you high quality audio within a slim form factor. A low signal to noise ratio gives you clear audio even from far distance.

Camera mount

Tired of using duck tape and carpboard for mounting your Raspberry Pi camera? The Zenbu-pHat gives you the simples way to mount your camera.

Powerful Amplifier

Power your 3 Watt speaker directly from the Raspberry. No need for an external supply and USB-Hub mess. The easiest way to get high quality digital audio for music, speech and more.

Bottom-Port Led

The bottom port led gives the user a way to signal status or errors to the user. The bottom port led emits light through a hole in the pcb

GPIO, I2C, SPI interface

Zenbu features three JST-Connector expansions. This gives you an easy way to connect additional hardware like sensors, buttons, keyboards without destroying the form factor.

Awesome form factor

The Zenbu-pHat matches the form factor of the Raspberry Pi Zero. This is much better than connecting USB microphones which take a serious amount of space.


Pi Zero/Zero-W

Raspberry Pi A+

Raspberry Pi 2/3/B+

Unlimited Applications

Bring your ideas to reality. The only limit is your imagination.

We are working on sample applications like a voice controlled radio

  • Surveillance Camera with Audio
  • Video Babyphone
  • Smart Assistant
  • Detect events like dooropens or faucet running
  • Voice Controlled Devices
  • Door Intercom
  • Conferencing System
  • Audio data transmission
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