Requesting Custom Keywords

Machine learning on edge devices

Please submit a form for requesting custom keywords.

You will be notified via email once the key model is trained. Commercial use of custom keywords is not permitted, unless a commercial license is purchased.

You can also write a short request to


    How long does it take for keywords to be trained?

    The goal is to get the time down to under two hours. Currently the time varies, depending of the request backlog. Commercial models will be prioritized. Models with special requirements usually take longer. This requirements could be: Usage of a new language, unclear pronunciations.

    Currently the training could take as long as two weeks, because of non-automated steps involved.

    Which requirements does a keyword have?

    There is no general limitation on the keyword length, but try to keep it reasonable. Single words
    like “Computer” are fine short phrases “All lights off” work too.

    What’s the keywords accuracy?

    Accuracy depends on many factors, and its the users duty to check if the accuracy is good enough
    for the intended use-case. This factors are eg.: nearfield/farfield speech, microphone quality, room noise/echo, background music, speaker age.

    I need support for a custom platform?

    Please contact us at to check if we can support your platform.