Zenbu the Raspberry Pi microphone pHat is here

Smart projects for the Raspberry Pi Zero

Finally the Zenbu-pHat is here and with it comes an awesome speaker kit. Featuring two microphones a 3 Watt amplifier and loads of expansion connections enables you to build a whole range of projects. You may have noticed the Zenbu-pHat has changed a bit since its first version. To improve the captured audio and to give you more flexibility the microphones have been moved to a separate board. Be sure to check out the Zenbu Manual for detailed information about pinout and dimensions.

The Zenbu-pHat gives you high quality microphones and a powerful amplifier

To make your own smart speaker you will need

  • Raspberry Pi Zero/W
  • Zenbu-pHat
  • Power Supply (USB)
  • 3D Printed Smart Speaker Kit
  • Speaker
  • Dampening wool (optional, but improves sound quality and ensures the speaker cable isn’t touching a wall)
3D printed Smart Speaker Kit to create your DIY Digital Assitant

3D printed Smart Speaker Kit

If you have a 3D printer you can print your own speaker, or we can print one for you. You can find the stl files at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2951090 Don’t forget to grab the screws needed for assembling the speaker. Happy tinkering 🙂

3D printed Smart Speaker case for the Raspberry Pi Zero

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